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Mini trépied PRISM

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Mini trépied à utiliser seul pour les photos au raz de sol ou comme pied pour le monopod du trépied PRISM

Folding Monopod Foot.

This handy accessory attaches to the monopod part of the Prism Professional Tripod (Part No. PR0010).

It provides additional stability via its 3 folding legs. These can be deployed in two ways.
(1)    Locked – This keeps the feet in a fixed position with the monopod in a vertical position. Useful when photographing static subjects.
(2)    Floating - - The monopod can be tilted slightly in any direction. Useful when photographing moving subjects.

The foot can be switched from locked to floating via the adjustable knob at the top.

The three feet fold inwards to ease transport and storage.

Monopod Foot Accessory Specifications

Maximum Diameter = 30cm
Weight = 365g  

Note: This accessory does not allow you to leave a monopod standing unsupported – a monopod with photographic equipment mounted must always be supported by the photographer.